September 18, 2008

Homing Pidgeons

Esperando and I are off for the next little while to Estados Unidos. Before the crack of dawn tomorrow morning we will drive to the Loreto airport. First we go to the Bay Area and visit the new fairy princess grandbaby whom we have not met yet for a couple of days, then on to Las Vegas for the Mining Expo. Sounds like we will get to take in some shows including Lionel Ritchie and Cirque de Soleil "About Love" which is inspired with Beatles music. Next stop will be Denver for a short day, then on to Taos for our nephew's wedding. Back to Denver, a few doctors stops, on to Loreto and La Paz to get some more home furnishings and household stuff, voila! before we know it we will be coming back to Santa Rosalia in time to get ready for American Thanksgiving here.

We are expecting some children to arrive for Thanksgiving, an as yet undetermined number of them. I am already scratching my brain as to what will be available locally to fed both carnivores and vegetarians. I'm not sure that we can get turkey, definitely not mushrooms, maybe some sweet potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, for sure rice, beans, tomatoes and onions. Hmmm. This may be one of your more untraditional Thanksgivings!

I am leaving Sweet and Sour Pickle here under the charge of our household help, and the Storyteller. I hope they are no worse for wear when I get back. I am also leaving the staff with 4 guests to care for--clean their rooms, feed them, get the placesettings on the table. I hope I get good reports--and that no mystery guests show up when I am gone! The way things change around here I am not sure what will happen when I go away.

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