May 29, 2008

I will follow Him, Follow Him wherever He may go,

Just waiting for Esperando Esposo (my husband's Spanish name that I gave him) to arrive on Saturday morning. It is an appropriate name, because I am always waiting for him somewhere, somehow -- to come home from his travels, from work, from getting lost in Home Depot, and in this instance, waiting for him to come home from Santiago, Chile, so we can get on with the trip to Baja. I just checked the temperatures and it is going to be bloody hot--in the 100's with 57% humidity. Ugh!! We were there before in September and it was just this hot and it was pretty deadly.

Last night I went off on a binge. After a large lunch of Mexican food I ate the remaining quarter of quart of Hagen Daz chocolate ice cream, this was after eating a smallish pizza for dinner. Not surprisingly I gained two pounds this morning. It was really tasty though. Today the dog and I took the longer walk, I have never ascertained exactly how long it is as my pedometer is failing, the first time we did it we walked 1.17 miles, the next time we took a shorter walk and walked 1.25 miles and today the same walk was 0.05 miles. I guess I will break down and buy a new pedometer.

Esperando is hoping for nice weather here when he gets back from Santiago where it has been --cold and rainy. (He takes Vancouver weather with him wherever he goes now.) The forecast looks like it may cooperate for a change. It is certainly pretty and warm this morning. It will be time to barbeque and hang out on the porch enjoying what looks like the beginning of summer here. All my roses are just about ready to open and today's nice weather should do the trick.

May 26, 2008

Furniture buying spree ahead!

It is overcast and thinking about raining here in Denver today--sad news with all these destructive tornados in the midwest the past few days. I'm sure today's weather here will just heap on more bad weather off in that direction. Yesterday I bought a bunch of ladybugs to put on the roses. They won't be very active in this cool dampness, that's for sure.

I've pretty much finished packing boxes, still need to number the ones in garage. I am still ignoring those in the basement for now, after all its Memorial Day weekend and one shouldn't stress oneself on holidays if at all possible. Having a girl's lunch with some neighbors--at 2 pm. I am always hungry at 10:30 am, these women are crazy. I guess I will just have two lunches today, I know I can't make to 2 pm (and we are having salad!!) Bring on the ice cream I say.

I should start thinking about what to take for next week's trip to Mexico. Definitively I should pack a swim suit. It should be warmer there than it is here. Some sun sounds like a nice prospect. We will go look at the house we bought in Santa Rosalia, Casa Abeja; do some inspecting of purchased furniture in Loreto; and then go to Ramos in La Paz for the upscale furniture we will be wanting for the guesthouse. I also hope we get a second chance to look at Galeria La Paz, an interesting art furniture gallery we saw in La Paz. I am really looking forward to the great Mexican food we enjoyed in La Paz.

May 20, 2008

Packing it in

In addition to battling a silly cold, I am plagued by all this junk I agreed to pack to send down to the guesthouse in Baja. Packer and unpacker are among my most hated yet well practiced roles, goodness knows I've gained alot of practice from moving around South America. In addition to the stuff I have to pack that I've just bought for the company, there is also the personal stuff of ours leftover from Australia in packing boxes in the basement that went to Ghana, was never used as we never moved there, and then came back again. So now I have to disturb all those perfectly packed mover boxes as I have no clue what is in them, but still have to make a valued inventory to ship this stuff to Mexico as well.

The plot thickens. I have inventoried and packed half the boxes (that would be 32 boxes) only to find out NOW I have to state country of origin. I used a whole roll of packing tape to seal the boxes, now I have to open all of them and see where I can find a country of origin. I thought maybe if I went to and looked at the item it might say, but no, Kenmore Sears, T-Fal, Libbey glass, Black and Decker, none of the brands state their country of origin except on the packing box. Forget looking at descriptions of the product.

My dreams have been really bizarre lately, mostly involving driving a van with no seat so that you have to stand up to drive. The road is very sketchy full of chunks which have dropped out of it. Ah the road ahead, what does it bring?

It is suddenly warm and wonderful here, the cat, the dog and I go out periodically to sit in the sun. I have vague daydreams of just living here in eternal summer watching the roses bloom. But winter WILL come and all my roses will be covered in snow. In Baja it will be warm and sunny--at least this is what I keep telling myself. I spent today doing recreational shopping at Macys and J. Crew, it was nice to get a break. Tomorrow I will go buy packing boxes and more tape.

I still dread the fated basement with a line of yawing boxes calling my name.

May 15, 2008

In the beginning

I've never done a blog before but circumstances seem to warrant it. Sooner than I can imagine my husband and I will move to Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, to take up our new life. He will be constructing a copper mine and I will be running the guest house for his company. This means I get to furnish and decorate the guest house, create menus for breakfast and dinner, and manage the staff that will run it. I'm sure I can't begin to imagine the challenges that lie ahead for me--well ok, I can imagine some of them but just think of the things that are going to hit me broadside!

Our front room and garage in Denver are filled with stuff I have purchased for the guesthouse--linens, plates, pots and pans, a dishwasher, trash cans, etc. So far I have gotten most of the stuff on Amazon, or at Target, but I have found some great bedsheets that don't have to be ironed from a hotel hospitality supply, a menu planning software that will be useful by Cook'n, and hotel type safes for each of the five guest rooms. In June the movers will come and crate up all our junk. Meanwhile, our next goal is to go back down to La Paz in two weeks and purchase the furniture for the house.

In August we will drive our selves and our dog and cat down to Baja--of course in the hottest part of the year. I hope we don't all melt on the road but it IS possible. I will tick off the weeks as they go by and you can try to figure out if I am really crazy now, or if I become crazy once I get into this thing.