May 20, 2008

Packing it in

In addition to battling a silly cold, I am plagued by all this junk I agreed to pack to send down to the guesthouse in Baja. Packer and unpacker are among my most hated yet well practiced roles, goodness knows I've gained alot of practice from moving around South America. In addition to the stuff I have to pack that I've just bought for the company, there is also the personal stuff of ours leftover from Australia in packing boxes in the basement that went to Ghana, was never used as we never moved there, and then came back again. So now I have to disturb all those perfectly packed mover boxes as I have no clue what is in them, but still have to make a valued inventory to ship this stuff to Mexico as well.

The plot thickens. I have inventoried and packed half the boxes (that would be 32 boxes) only to find out NOW I have to state country of origin. I used a whole roll of packing tape to seal the boxes, now I have to open all of them and see where I can find a country of origin. I thought maybe if I went to and looked at the item it might say, but no, Kenmore Sears, T-Fal, Libbey glass, Black and Decker, none of the brands state their country of origin except on the packing box. Forget looking at descriptions of the product.

My dreams have been really bizarre lately, mostly involving driving a van with no seat so that you have to stand up to drive. The road is very sketchy full of chunks which have dropped out of it. Ah the road ahead, what does it bring?

It is suddenly warm and wonderful here, the cat, the dog and I go out periodically to sit in the sun. I have vague daydreams of just living here in eternal summer watching the roses bloom. But winter WILL come and all my roses will be covered in snow. In Baja it will be warm and sunny--at least this is what I keep telling myself. I spent today doing recreational shopping at Macys and J. Crew, it was nice to get a break. Tomorrow I will go buy packing boxes and more tape.

I still dread the fated basement with a line of yawing boxes calling my name.

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