May 29, 2008

I will follow Him, Follow Him wherever He may go,

Just waiting for Esperando Esposo (my husband's Spanish name that I gave him) to arrive on Saturday morning. It is an appropriate name, because I am always waiting for him somewhere, somehow -- to come home from his travels, from work, from getting lost in Home Depot, and in this instance, waiting for him to come home from Santiago, Chile, so we can get on with the trip to Baja. I just checked the temperatures and it is going to be bloody hot--in the 100's with 57% humidity. Ugh!! We were there before in September and it was just this hot and it was pretty deadly.

Last night I went off on a binge. After a large lunch of Mexican food I ate the remaining quarter of quart of Hagen Daz chocolate ice cream, this was after eating a smallish pizza for dinner. Not surprisingly I gained two pounds this morning. It was really tasty though. Today the dog and I took the longer walk, I have never ascertained exactly how long it is as my pedometer is failing, the first time we did it we walked 1.17 miles, the next time we took a shorter walk and walked 1.25 miles and today the same walk was 0.05 miles. I guess I will break down and buy a new pedometer.

Esperando is hoping for nice weather here when he gets back from Santiago where it has been --cold and rainy. (He takes Vancouver weather with him wherever he goes now.) The forecast looks like it may cooperate for a change. It is certainly pretty and warm this morning. It will be time to barbeque and hang out on the porch enjoying what looks like the beginning of summer here. All my roses are just about ready to open and today's nice weather should do the trick.


Cathy B. said...

Your house looks very cute (despite the bees living there). Is this your new home or where you are going to build your bed and breakfast - Cathy

Commit Ryan said...

Hello Missywah! I just got off the phone with you guys while you were hanging out at the LA airport and had forgotten to mention how much I like your blog! I'm probably not one to talk but wheres the next installment?!? Its been days!!