May 26, 2008

Furniture buying spree ahead!

It is overcast and thinking about raining here in Denver today--sad news with all these destructive tornados in the midwest the past few days. I'm sure today's weather here will just heap on more bad weather off in that direction. Yesterday I bought a bunch of ladybugs to put on the roses. They won't be very active in this cool dampness, that's for sure.

I've pretty much finished packing boxes, still need to number the ones in garage. I am still ignoring those in the basement for now, after all its Memorial Day weekend and one shouldn't stress oneself on holidays if at all possible. Having a girl's lunch with some neighbors--at 2 pm. I am always hungry at 10:30 am, these women are crazy. I guess I will just have two lunches today, I know I can't make to 2 pm (and we are having salad!!) Bring on the ice cream I say.

I should start thinking about what to take for next week's trip to Mexico. Definitively I should pack a swim suit. It should be warmer there than it is here. Some sun sounds like a nice prospect. We will go look at the house we bought in Santa Rosalia, Casa Abeja; do some inspecting of purchased furniture in Loreto; and then go to Ramos in La Paz for the upscale furniture we will be wanting for the guesthouse. I also hope we get a second chance to look at Galeria La Paz, an interesting art furniture gallery we saw in La Paz. I am really looking forward to the great Mexican food we enjoyed in La Paz.

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