May 15, 2008

In the beginning

I've never done a blog before but circumstances seem to warrant it. Sooner than I can imagine my husband and I will move to Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, to take up our new life. He will be constructing a copper mine and I will be running the guest house for his company. This means I get to furnish and decorate the guest house, create menus for breakfast and dinner, and manage the staff that will run it. I'm sure I can't begin to imagine the challenges that lie ahead for me--well ok, I can imagine some of them but just think of the things that are going to hit me broadside!

Our front room and garage in Denver are filled with stuff I have purchased for the guesthouse--linens, plates, pots and pans, a dishwasher, trash cans, etc. So far I have gotten most of the stuff on Amazon, or at Target, but I have found some great bedsheets that don't have to be ironed from a hotel hospitality supply, a menu planning software that will be useful by Cook'n, and hotel type safes for each of the five guest rooms. In June the movers will come and crate up all our junk. Meanwhile, our next goal is to go back down to La Paz in two weeks and purchase the furniture for the house.

In August we will drive our selves and our dog and cat down to Baja--of course in the hottest part of the year. I hope we don't all melt on the road but it IS possible. I will tick off the weeks as they go by and you can try to figure out if I am really crazy now, or if I become crazy once I get into this thing.


Susan N said...

Dear Duena de la Casa, I can't believe it is almost half way through the year and you and company are about to set off for the next adventure.

I know you will do a great job. I think you might actually have fun.

Any room in the Inn in September or October?

Say hi to the copper miner and pet the kids for me.

Take care and breathe, Susan

Claire said...

Well finally, we got to it. What a fun read! I like the photos too.
Howard and Ayesha are showing up pretty soon. Talk to you tomorrow.