January 10, 2009

Veterinarian in Mulegé

One of the difficulties living out in the middle of Baja is finding a good veterinarian when you need one. Thank God for Veterinarian Lorraine Sellers and her pet clinic in Mulegé, BCS! Lorraine lives in the Oasis RV Park and dispenses medications and advice at her clinic to those who bring their furry friends in to see her. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays she performs spays, neuters and other surgeries while her great volunteer staff help to maintain the calendar. Everything is paid for on a donation basis.

We were lucky enough to find Dr. Sellers recently just after her recent return to Mulegé to help us with our Australian shepherd Dash who had been diagnosed in Santa Rosalia by the local vet as having an obstruction in his intestines. That vet’s solution was to give Dash a antibiotic shot which he managed to screw up so badly that Dash was yelping and twisting, the syringe needle came off the hypodermic in Dash’s flesh, was bent when extracted, and the vet’s assistant quickly attached a muzzle to Dash’s head, though to his credit Dash didn’t try to bite the vet or snarl at him while all this was going on. When we got through with the second attempt at the shot, I came back to the house and called Esperando at work with the news. Both of us did a little reading up on the subject and were sufficiently frightened to take the hour’s drive south to seek a second opinion from a rumoured gringa vet living in Mulegé.

The Oasis RV Park isn’t signed, but it is right on the south side of the estuary and there were a sufficient number of gringos around to keep giving us directions. After we found her and she examined him, she opined that Dash just had a bad tummy from eating too many wrong things, something at which he is really good. She patched him up with some pills and he is much better now, except the during his convalescence he somehow twisted his leg painfully so I took him back this morning and now he is taking doggie arthritis pills to boot. She also gave me some medicine to feed Dash to solidify his poop. That comes in a squeeze out hypodermic looking contraption that you can put directly into his mouth or on his food. As I approached him with this large white syringe he started backing up and running away from me. Too many recent sour experiences left a bad impression on him!! It was only by calling out, “Dash, cookie! Dash, cookie!” that he would let me close enough to nab him. Ah, but the first bite of Retrosyn beef-flavored Canine 3R Gel administered through initially clenched teeth was an instant hit—maybe we will have even reversed his new-found nervousness at seeing a syringe!

If you're going to see Dr. Sellers, there’s something of an animal rescue group there and you could end up with a really cute new puppy or kitten! On our last trip we saw a beautiful purebred adult black lab looking for home as well. And if you're just driving through she can give your new pet the rabies shot it will need to get across the border.

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