February 18, 2009

My funny little valentine

A lot of little things have been going on here lately. First I have had an invitation from the Naval Comandante’s wife to come eat at the ladies auxiliary monthly breakfast (and to join their social group? this is not clear.) They have a naval hospital here for which it seems that they raise money. Unfortunately that is the same day I also have invited a couple of my gringa buddies who live in Mulege to go to a luncheon and fashion show with me that is to benefit the Mision de Santa Rosalia, the old mission church in Mulege. Esperando is buying me a ticket for the Navy breakfast and telling them to let me know when it is next month so I can attend. What a wise man he is.

Valentine’s Day here in Santa Rosalia was a really special day to celebrate love—but also it is Friendship Day. Esperando and I were invited to another tamale fest with the whole office of about 25 people. We were served frijoles charros (bean stew with ham and green chile in it), handmade tamales from someone’s Mom, and a blended drink of papaya, water and ice. It was all very delicious. I was given Valentine’s candy from the Mexican secretaries in the office, from the Mexican men in the office, and a huge bouquet of roses and other mixed flowers from Esperando. We noted that the same promoter of cock fights for Christmas and New Year’s was also featuring a cock fight for Valentine's. How very romantic!

My internet service went down several days ago, oh woe is me! It seems the guys working on the phone pole outside disconnected our two phone lines and then reconnected them back wrong so each line was going to the other phone—which meant the internet wasn’t rerouted to the right phone. I almost had withdrawal, except I went in the mornings with Esperando to the office to use the internet service there for a little bit. The guy came to fix the internet this morning and I still felt enough joy and happiness from Valentine’s to want to plant a big kiss on his forehead for bringing me back online (but I restrained myself). Isn’t it funny what makes you happy?

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