April 16, 2009

Interview with a Mexican cat

Discussion with Frida Kahlo this morning at the breakfast table.

Dueña: Soooooooo, Frida. Have you ever given much thought to becoming a flying trapeze artist?

Frida: Oye gringa! Hurry up and feenish your eggs! I’m quite starving.

Dueña: You make these incredible leaps across the air to land on the table so you can lap the egg off my plate when I have finished. I really think you have the talent to be a trapeze artist. I've notice you point your toes like a ballerina when you sleep.

Frida (licking herself nonchalantly): Sí, I suppose so. I have quite the talent. Could I get egg yolks for trying?

Dueña: Hmmm. You would have to run away to the circus! I don’t know anything about trapezes, and I’m not sure what they feed cats at the circus. Last time the circus was in town, they ran out of money. They were asking people to donate their dead pets to feed the big cats. You probably wouldn't like that kind of life. You certainly do make this astounding leap every time we sit down to eat. It’s fortunate that you restrain yourself and don’t do it when we have guests.

Frida: I haf my social pretentions, besides I sometimes feel a leetle shy around strangers. Ju know, I jus make the same leap from your bed to the window fives times a night so I can get fresh air.

Dueña: Well, yes I know. You and Winnie wake us up all night long. At least you don’t weigh so much, Winnie really rocks the bed when he jumps back down on it. Actually Winnie is the one that taught you how to do that if you recall.

Frida (rolling her eyes): Ju may say he teach me, but rally it was something I would haf think up myself. Ju should jus try some leaping, it would do wonders for your figure!

Dueña: Frida, are you liking living here as a semi-domesticated cat? I notice everyday you seem more comfortable, a little calmer. Although I still don’t understand why you run away from me sometimes, and other times seem to enjoy being petted.

Frida: Well I’m older. I haf to set an example for the leetle one, Carmencita. You can never rally trust people and she should continue to believe that.

Dueña: She does believe that, she never lets me anywhere near her. But, don’t you think that you’re taking kind of a hard line about us humans? I mean after all who feeds you and makes sure you’ve got all your shots. Who cared enough about you to make sure you don’t have kittens?

Frida: Deelicious eggs like always, ju haf a good cook, but don haf no more food for me? Bye.

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