July 14, 2009

Today I am excited to start off on a week’s vacation to the San Francisco Bay Area and meet up with Esperando who will be working there for a couple of weeks. We are meeting up at the airport as we both arrive at about the same time. I still have to pack and do all my exercises, but I am being very lazy this morning sitting around in my nightgown. It will be nice to return to old stomping grounds, see my brother and his wife, kids, grandkids and a couple of old friends. Inspired by the Brainy Blonde’s honeymoon location, we also plan to spend a couple of nights celebrating my birthday in The City at the Mark Hopkins hotel where we have never stayed before. We hope to check out the Tonga Room across the street in the competitor Fairmont Hotel, a Polynesian theme bar/restaurant with rain showers off and on all night and at the Mark Hopkins, the Top of the Mark. You’d think after all the rain we have had this summer in Denver, I wouldn’t need to experience phony rain, but there you go. When I was growing up in San Francisco back in the 1960’s this was the ultimate high-brow location, I hope they are not too snotty! From reading recent reviews it sounds like the service has declined. Our room is quite affordable for a luxury hotel in San Francisco—and includes breakfast in the room.

A few days ago my sister, mother and I had lunch with my nephew who is in the hotel financing business and he told us the bad economy was really affecting the luxury hotel market and there were real deals to be had out there, so I guess this is an example of one of them. I am starting my travels out in style; for some reason the travel agent was able to put me in first class (including dinner!) on my trip out, but like Cinderella I return in economy. This is the first time I will not be going to physical therapy every day, it is sort of scary to get separated from my caretakers—it seems strange. Not too much longer and I will be on my way back to Mexico, so I guess this is a good dry run for that.

I am not sure how I will fit everything I need into my suitcase. I am not good at packing light as there is always one more thing I need to squeeze into my bag. Last week when I was mentally packing I realized I had not made any plans for anyone to take care of Sweet Pickle. Fortunately my pet sitter who is usually booked months in advance was free—what luck for Sweet Pickle, otherwise he would be doing kennel duty. He loves her, so he will have a good time being a spoiled dog.

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