August 8, 2009

Flying down the highway

Leaving Denver we passed through the Eisenhower Tunnel, it is the highest vehicular tunnel in the U.S. and 1.6 miles long. Today we arrived in Santa Rosalia after four day’s journey from Denver. We had some long days of driving and are both pretty tired, but we have to organize ourselves to pack up for our vacation starting tomorrow—one night in La Paz, three in Cabo Pulmo (best diving in Mexico they say); and three nights in Todos Santos where we hope to latch up with Ray of Ray’s Hacienda de la Cubana in Mulege (who is spending his summer in there).

Our trip through the U.S. landed us in St. George, Utah, our first night at a Holiday Inn after 9 hours of driving; second night with Junior Birdman at his house in San Diego; last night in the amazing Catavina that oasis out in the middle of the Cirios Biosphere. In St. George we had an amazing full moon at sunrise (we were already on the road by then.) We drove through Las Vegas and were vastly entertained by amusing billboards (simple minds, simple pleasures.) In San Diego we bought a lemon tree, oregano, rosemary and thyme plants. We also brought some olives trees along that I ordered online in Denver. Fortunately they all made it through agricultural inspection in Guerrero Negro, we were concerned we might have to surrender them. All they wanted to know was if we had fruit, which Esperando pretended did not mean the unripe lemons growing on our little tree. We brought two kayaks down; we didn’t realize at the time how easy that would make crossing the various military checkpoints where we were flagged through as tourists, something Mexico is hungry for right now.

The cats seem relatively glad to see me so far. Winnie has been following me around, Frida creeps by hoping I won’t notice her yet. She is REALLY fat. I opened the dresser drawer to pet Carmen who still hides there by day. She moved to another drawer and I found her when I was putting away laundry.

Casa Abeja is looking good. We have a mission for our vacation. We will have to look for a new sink for the bathroom as one of them had a tool dropped in it and broke. I still have dinner to get through, I am so tired all I want to do is go to sleep now at 3:30 pm. We are leaving the mess of boxes full of stuff we hauled down here in the living room for a week while we go away.

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