September 19, 2009

It will all come out in the wash

Esperando and I both have colds. It is not pleasant to have a cold while you are traveling. Esperando was just catching his last week when he picked me up at the airport. I had been slugging Airborne down trying to prevent catching the cold I could feel coming on when I left for the airport in Denver. Just before I left I got a flu shot too, so who knows if I have a weakened version of the flu, my original cold that was trying to get me before I left, or Esperando’s cold or all three at once. In any event I started popping Ciprofloxin this morning, I don’t need to be sick here or when we turn around to go back to Santa Rosalia next week.

After the trauma of my brother’s death last week we are lying low this weekend without much energy, napping and doing laundry at the laundry mat since our hotel never bothered to change their literature about laundry service which indicates that they will do laundry on Saturdays. When Esperando carted the laundry bag down this morning they said, oh so sorry not on Saturdays. Last time he stayed here his laundry didn’t come back the same day and he went off to his meetings in a t-shirt and jeans, the only clean clothes he had left.

I hadn’t been to a laundry mat in a long time, they are still the same—dirty and depressing. Little kids running around and playing in the dirt while their moms sling around large loads of wash. Sad, tired looking people waiting to get their laundry in occupied tubs that have stopped processing, wondering if they should take the other guy’s laundry out since they aren’t around or if that will cause trouble. When I took our laundry out of the tub I was grossed out to see bits of candy wrappers, Kleenex and candy that were left behind in our tub from someone else’s wash. It almost made me throw up. We threw the laundry in a giant dryer and it was done before you could say ‘Jack Robinson’ and that was really impressive.

While our load was washing we went to Petco which was having a dog adoption day. There were lots of really cute dogs and I wanted to adopt all of them, many were rather small and you could easily have had several without any trouble if you lived around here; however taking stray dogs back to Mexico is like taking coals to Newcastle. Then we went inside to look at the cats. After that we went around the corner to a really cool salt water aquarium store with lots of soft corals and anemones for sale as well as beautiful fishes. They must have a lot of money sunk in that inventory. It renewed my interest in salt water aquarium tanks. Then I pointed out to Esperando how difficult it would be to maintain that in our motor home along with our current batch of cats and dog when we retire and travel around the country.

Esperando tells me there is another potential hurricane, Invest 98, brewing below Baja. Everyday practically now he tells me of another potential hurricane brewing. It may be true, but he is beginning to sound a lot like the boy who cried wolf and after experiencing all the devastation Jimena caused, I don't want to know about it anymore.

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