March 28, 2010

Domestic Affairs

While I was surfing the web last month, I chanced upon Alison Day’s website and got a free online tarot card reading. I also marked a little X in the box asking if I wanted to have a tarot card, with its symbolism explained, e-mailed to me each month. Last time the card arrived one week ago it was The Tower card.

After the Death card and the Devil, The Tower is likely to be the card that causes most fear and consternation to the receiver. The Tower represents sudden and sometimes shocking changes in events and can often represent problems or delays relating to your home. At the time I didn’t think much about it, I just hoped nothing awful would happen.

Then just a few days later Esperando and I were having a discussion about how much traveling he has been doing, and how I don’t like being down here alone quite so much. After some intense discussion and pondering, we decided to temporarily abandon our little casita in Santa Rosalia to relocate to Northern California for several months. We've only been living in Casa Abeja since January, poor little house to be abandoned so abruptly! But he will be where he needs to work, and traveling will be easier in and out of the Bay Area than the 2 ½ hour drive to Loreto for a flight that is only available on Tuesday, Thursday,  Friday and Sunday. I won’t have to be alone so much of the time. It is an abrupt change to our home life, just like the card said. In my wildest dreams I never would have imagined such an outcome.

Lupita will go with us and become one of those spoiled Chihuahuas like Beverly Hills Chihuahua. The down side is our other children (pets) will have to stay here and be minded by the muchachas. Thank God for the muchachas; they love my pets like they were their own. I know that they are well cared for when I leave, even the feral kitties that live outside get proper attention.

On another domestic note we gave the big dog a bath today. It took about 45 minutes. First I called him, he knew what was up and ran away from me. I had to chase him all over the yard. I finally caught him and led him back to where the hose was. Since the city water only runs 2 hours a day on no particular schedule, it can’t be counted on. So we connected the hose to the hot water heater. We gave him a good soaping—he actually likes the bathing part. Then, on the advice of his Denver groomer, we bought a big air blower to dry him. This is how you get the loose and matted fur off; I never could have imagined it, but it works like a charm. The only problem is that Sweet Pickle hates the blower so we have to muzzle him or he will bite us. It was all going on like a charm and he was being very cooperative—then the next thing I knew he was attacking me. I really appreciated that muzzle, and the fact that I had Esperando there helping me. After the bath I was as exhausted as the dog. That was yesterday; today he is dry and shedding like hair was going out of style. Everything is covered with dog hair, the floor, our furniture, our clothes, even our food!!! Gross.

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