August 1, 2008


Lately, ever since I got my nightguard for my mouth, I have been having the wierdest dreams. The dentist filed it down a bit on Wednesday and they haven't been quite so strange, but still I am dreaming more than I used to. According to the dentist it is really common to have wierd dreams, he says he is changing my whole sleep pattern.

My first dream involved Esperando calling to me to observe some cute little dog, saying he wanted one. In my dream I thought, "oh brother here we go again!", because he is always wanting some cute little animal. When I looked down here was this cute fully grown 2-inch high dog running around and barking. It was spotted like a Dalmation but had long hair. I said, "wow, that really IS cute!"

Then I noticed a diminutive little car, in scale to the dog, like a Model-T Ford with sort of a striped awning top on it, and some grownups and little kids riding inside. I want to pick up the whole shebang, but realized they were actually real and no doubt be insulted at this kind of interference. I wondered where they lived and why I hadn't seen them before.

Then this morning when I was out walking the dog, there they were, not the dog but the people. They were normal sized but were driving down the sidewalk in the park in some kind elaborate Model-T bicycle complete with awning--3 adults and about 4 or 5 kids. This thing had fenders like a Model-T but bicycle wheels, and they were pedaling it. The bicycle wheels were spaced apart like a car's wheels and there were two in the front and two in the back and it was as wide as a golf cart with seats and about 1 1/2 times the length of a golf car. I've never seen this thing before, so how did I go dreaming about it? There must be some kind of magic in the air today.

We are now on record for the longest period of over 90F in Denver since 1906. Yesterday, Day No. 18, broke the record and there is no end in sight. Today and tomorrow are supposed to top 100F. It is very dry and hasn't rained here for a couple of months unless you count an occasional 5 minute sprinkle.

Poor Esperando had to have some minor surgery yesterday and is suffering from dejavu. He is grounded for another 10 days, so we will be putting off our move to Baja by a bit. He slept most of yesterday from the anesthesia, but today is chatting his head off on the phone and working up a blue streak. I am going to abandon him at noon for lunch with the neighbor girls.

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