February 4, 2010

She's got the devil in her heart; No, no, this I can't believe--The Beatles

Lupita is a handful. She chases the cats and is starting to nip at them now. The cats are alternately horrified and fascinated. Winnie is still kind and bats her gently, but Frida hisses and growls. Dash helps me out when I ask him to, trying to corral her outside when she is racing around, but she leaps at him and grabs mouthfuls of his fur and yanks it. She is still just a little puppy. To her credit when I say no she will generally stop tormenting the bigger animals. We just had a major zoomie action outside racing around in circles for about 30 minutes and now she has cratered. It took three of us humans and one big dog to corner her and grab her.

Then all of us, cats and dogs and me, went to the bedroom for a nap. I crawled under the covers and turned the electric blanket on. It is cold in the house since we do not have heating, and today I am wearing two sweaters and long underwear. I put Lupita under the covers and Frida immediately jumped off her perch to come lie on top of me too. This was fine, but after a while I woke up and wanted out. I had to re-arrange everyone. I left Lupita under the covers and Frida on top of the covers. In about 5 minutes Lupita emerged and walked over to Frida. Frida got an ‘oh brother, what’s going to happen now?’ expression on her face, but stayed put. Lupita stretched and fell down next to Frida and started licking her fur. When the bath was over I went and fetched Lupita off the bed. I apologized to Frida as her fur had been licked the wrong direction and was all standing up on end. However, I think it was a good start on befriending Frida.

The last three nights the caterwauls and screams of fighting of cats has come across the ether from outside our window. The first night Dash woke up from a dead sleep and went baying to the door, ready to settle any arguments all by himself. My cats were plastered to the window trying to catch a glimpse of the enemy combatants. Bruiser has vanished and it seems we have two new male cats trying to take his place and vying for the attention of Mrs. Moustache, that hussy. Although she has been spayed, apparently both she and they are unaware of it as they are partying all over the front yard. She's going to give us a reputation for running a cathouse.

Mrs. Moustache was absent at feeding time today and yesterday so Carmen is getting to eat all the food. She has matured into a beautiful animal, funny tail and all. Her face, once too small for her body, has filled out and she is much friendlier now. Maybe some day she will even let me pet her again.

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