May 27, 2010

Graduating from CalArts

Youngest Son had an exuberant graduation ceremony in LA last week to receive his BFA in film animation. Since many of his classmates were theater or dance majors it made for an exciting evening as each one had a few seconds to have his/her selected song played and to act out whatever fantasy they desired while accepting their degrees. It also made the evening a very long one—three hours.

Degree candidates awaiting their turns.

We had a great time people watching. We saw a fully costumed chicken carry a boy up to receive his degree; a fabulous Tahitian dancer with a very long black dreadlocks wig and painted face performed an amazing dance for her degree and turned out to be topless underneath when we saw her off stage later; any number of girls did the hoochy koochy just before accepting their degrees; and a pink painted man-lady who appeared to be naked but really wasn’t sat waiting in the bleachers for his turn. It was hard to know at times who was more remarkable, the students or the audience--from surfer dads to beautifully attired sari-ed women, all with their buttons ready to burst in pride for their children who had accomplished great things.

Audience being equally outrageous.

Considering that all these kids had made it through four years with their noses to the grindstone it was a portentous moment for all. Teachers hugged their students as professors for each discipline went on stage to award degrees to the students. It was obvious that you weren’t just a number here at CalArts, even though the graduating class was huge. I know Youngest Son is really happy to have no more classes, but I think a part of him will miss CalArts and the support he received there.

Bouquets and kudos to the graduates!

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Way to gooooooooooooooooooooooo Ryan!