May 17, 2010


My sister Hermana drove up from Taos to stay with me after my mother’s birthday last week. Denver was cold and rainy and snowy, not much of a welcoming reception—but that didn’t stop us from have oodles of fun.

Serious shopping was the order of the day.

We spent the next 5 days combing our favorite bargain and not-so-bargain stores for hours: Target, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, City Floral, and Chicos. We left with our arms full of merchandise, those merchants must have smiled all the way to the bank when we drove off. We filled our nights with take-out and dine out opportunities and enjoyed every bite. And after that we watched old movies until late at night—unusual since we are both go-to-bed-early types.

Lupita modeled all of her clothes and was fully enchanted with Hermana. Hermana decided that Lupita looked like a small deer, maybe Falene who was Bambi’s girlfriend, so now Lupita has two nicknames, ‘Pookie’ and ‘Falene.’ Sadly, Hermana left with a sore throat this morning which we still hope is only allergies.

Bambi before he met Falene

After she left, Lupita and I ran a few errands including returning some items to Target, and then stopping off at King Soopers to buy a few groceries. When I came back to my car an elderly Mexican lady was sitting in the passenger seat of the car next to mine on my driver’s side. I opened my door and greeted Lupita with ‘how are you, have you been enjoying sun bathing?’ Since Lupe was in her little crate on the passenger side she was not visible and I think the lady thought I was nuts talking to myself.

Lupita sunbathing.

Then up on the lady’s lap jumped Lupita’s twin, except aged about 10 years--a mature dog with a turning-white muzzle. I let Lupita out of her crate and showed her the other dog. They both started barking rabidly at each other. And here I thought they could be friends just because they looked alike—goes to show what I know. However as I backed out of the parking space, my little dog jumping up and down in my lap barking, my elderly comadre waved goodbye to me even though her dog was doing exactly the same thing Lupita was. We both loved our little Chihuahuas, they were exactly the same color and size. We were sisters in the bonds of Chihuahuahood, a deep liking recognizing our devotion to our pets. We could be friends even if our dogs couldn’t.

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Claire said...

A happy time for sure!!!!
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