August 9, 2008

Getting too close

Well, its been awhile since I posted an entry. Only five more days to go to D-day (Departure day!) I spent today shopping and packing. I have two big rollybags full of girl clothes and shoes, I'm sure I won't wear half of it, but I also have to be prepared to go to colder places like Vancouver occasionally. I wish I knew for sure what winter in Baja will be like. I saw where it got down to the mid 40s for about a week last year, that coupled with no heating in the houses could make winter a bit chilly. Looks like mostly it is in the 60s.

We both have a few more doctor's appointments next week, sandwiched between packing up final boxes of kitchen stuff and paintings, loading up the truck which we see as a two day affair, and miscellaneous stuff such as pet health certificates and making sure the wire transfer for the down payment on our house actually makes it to our new bank account in Santa Rosalia (or we will be having a hard time buying our house.)

Denver has had some crazy weather in the last few days. We had quite a thunderstorm last night which resulted in lots of rain downtown, enough to flood some of the streets and the freeway. Thirty people had to be rescued from cars or streams where their cars or bicycles were engulfed The night before when there was a tornado alert (including civil alert sirens going off) my neighbor and I actually watched the clouds rotating off to the south. She's from Oklahoma and knows about these tornado things and thought it was scary.

We are planning to go up to Blackhawk in the mountains and do a little gambling and have a nice lunch tomorrow. Time is running out!! Starting Monday we have 3 days before we hit the road. Our first stop will be in Albuquerque for some good enchiladas, two days of fun in El Paso with Esperando's brother, then on to San Diego for two days before we hit the border at Tijuana and spend the next two days driving down to Santa Rosalia.

The tidal wave is approaching.

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