August 22, 2008

We are here

We have been here 2 days now. I was hoping we would have better internet access (as opposed to none yet in the house)so I could start blogging, but whatever. It is just as hot and humid as I remember from the last time. The most amazing thing was the temperature was around 77F for our whole drive down until we were 30 minutes away from Santa Rosalia when the temperature climbed to 102F, dropping back to 97F by the time we got to Santa Rosalia. Everything has gone pretty smoothly. My two domestic helpers, the Cook and the House Maid have been great and I have the added bonus of Senor Viernes II whom I will call Senor Jueves since he showed up yesterday to help move heavy stuff, get groceries, assemble furniture and do other odd jobs.

Our first guest will show up Saturday and we are having a small dinner party for 6 then who are not guests but are heavy drinkers. We will have to make a tequila run. The architect pointed out we have to add the most important loteria card to one of the rooms--El Borracho. We have nominated the guest bathroom for that distinction. Dog and cat have settled in well. I'm not sure what the roses think, but at least they are still alive. Our personal stuff that used to be in the trailer but had to be hauled down separately after all should arrive tonite. It got taken apart at customs, so I am worried what won't be there. I am missing odd stuff from the original guesthouse shipment, unfortunately. At some point when I have a real internet connection I will rehash our trip down here. But for now I'm back to the guesthouse and lunch.

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