June 15, 2008

Monday morning

After a very pleasant sunny weekend spent walking around an antique car show, buying roasted green chiles at the farmers market and giving the dog private lessons to become better behaved, Esperando has quit this joint and has winged his way back to Vancouver. We had two really nice evenings sitting late into the night in front of our chimenea burning scrap lumber and listening to our favorite songs.

I finally finished packing and numbering all the boxes, figuring what country stuff came from, making a valued inventory for shipping. All I have left to do is wait for the curtains ordered online and the desk from Office Depot to show up. The movers will come June 30 and send our 65 boxes down to Baja. Best deal was finding Ken Edwards (a great Mexican potter making hand decorated ironstone) salt and pepper shakers on ebay for the total price of $10 including mailing! Unfortunately I am still haunted by the untouched boxes in the basement, but fortunately I don't have to deal with them for a couple of months yet.

My sister and mother come on Tuesday and we will go paint the town red. In the meantime I have a few small errands to run, some weeding to do, etc. The dog is acting quite strange after dog training class. I guess he realizes the game of jumping on visitors is over and being a better dog is not his desire.

The garbage man finally came 3 days late after I called to complain, but after all cheese and fish sitting out in the hot sun gets REALLY smelly.

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ann said...

I'm so enjoying your blog! You'll have to teach us how to play Mexican bingo the next time we're around.