June 21, 2008

The party's over

Well my sister and mother went back south this morning, but we took a quick tour of Target before they left town (just to squeeze in a wee bit more of shopping.) I bought some tasty looking jerk sauce for the bbq for when Esperando gets back next weekend and some other food items that probably weren't needed.

After they left I pulled most of the weeds in the front yard, then made a shopping list for groceries but am so uninspired that I'm sure it won't happen until tomorrow. It is quite warm outside now and I started up the air conditioner last night instead of opening a window, as it never cooled off quite enough.

The dog and I have been reviewing his new protocols. If he's lucky he gets 5 minutes of practicing stays. What a bad mother I am. He IS getting better at it, but we should be doing alot of it. It is just as exhausting for me to hammer him as it is for him to behave. I will say he didn't jump my guests like he used to, but he also seems to be slowing down with age so its hard to say if the dog lessons were the reason for it.

What a dull day and what a dull entry--well you just can't be scintillating all the time.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Duena
I savor every word you write what ever level of inspiration.