June 28, 2008

Red letter day

Today the movers came and took away the 65 boxes of stuff for crating to Mexico. It was two young Mexican guys, and it frightened me to watch them haul the stuff into the truck. It only took about an hour. If any of it survives unbroken I will be amazed--especially the dishes!!! But its out of my house now and I was able to vacuum where a vacuum hadn't been for months now.

On a cheerier note (ha, ha) my tooth is starting to misbehave and I fear the dentist is in my imminent future. Oh ick, I'm sure he will drill. How can my tooth be so evil?

Esperando's project is fully funded now, so tonite we will go out to have a nice dinner and celebrate that and the arrival of our new as yet unnamed granddaughter who was born yesterday morning. What a little beauty she is from her photo. I am glad her mother has a lot of helping hands around.

This afternoon we have been mapping our drive down to Baja and figuring out places to stay. It is sort of a mini vacation with stops in Albuquerque, El Paso and San Diego. It looks ok as far as San Diego, then when we get to Baja the decision is between Ensenada or San Quintin. San Quintin is about 200 miles closer to Santa Rosalia so that part is good, we just have to find out if the hotel will take pets. The hotels in Ensenada that take pets sound like real dives but maybe San Quintin really isn't any better. I guess we won't really know until we get there. Ensenada has such an enchanting sounding name and sounds like it would have a little more action than the other, but then all we probably really will want is a nice bed, a decent meal and a chance to hit the sack early for a long day of driving.

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