June 10, 2008

An uninspired day

Packed Esperando off on the airplane to NYC this morning after cutting his hair. His hotel room is $700 a night. Outrageous! I told him he has to take photos of it. I'll bet he goes some place really fantastic for dinner too.

Yesterday we had great weather and the opportunity to hangout and barbecue, and sit into the night in front of our chiminea. Esperando discovered that the paper from our shredder makes great starter fuel, except now there are little white shreds of paper blown all over the lawn. Today it is back to being cold and windy, the house needs cleaning and the laundry done. The wind keeps knocking my poor little tree rose in its pot over which is really cruel. My mind is racing with a million things I need to do.

The gardener is out in back mowing the lawn. Our yard has finally greened up from the winter and looks good now. The hum of the mower would be more annoying if I didn't realize that the yard will look the nicer for it.

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Anonymous said...

Well La Duena...looking good! c