July 3, 2008

It's almost the 4th of July!

Really bummed after my visit to the dentist. My jaw is out of alignment, he gave me a home treatment routine and said I may need to buy a $900 dental appliance that insurance won't cover. Ouch! Following his treatment routine, today I am painfree. I guess he may know what he's doing after all.

Esperando has gone off to practice airplane flying. I'm so happy he gets to go play since he hasn't had the opportunity for fly for more than a year. If all goes well we may end up purchasing an airplane to have in Baja. Ah so many loose ends. Last night we started making the list of what we still need to buy to take with us to Mexico. Its kind of scarey looking in that it gets longer and longer. My sister and mother are here to play again, my sister will leave on Sunday and my mother will go to San Francisco for a visit with my brother on . Time is getting shorter and shorter before we will leave too.

Tomorrow we are having a progressive 4th of July party with our neighbors. Cocktails at the house next door, salad at our house, then bbq, potato salad, and dessert at the neighbor's on the other side.

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