July 25, 2008

Here we go round again

Yesterday Esperando went to the Mexican consulate here in the Mile High City to get our valued inventory of household goods stamped properly so we will have a minimum of problems going through customs in Tijuana. This included 4 copies of: his passport; his FM3; our list of things (translated into Spanish); proof of residence in Denver; and proof of residence in Santa Rosalia. He didn't get everything exactly right so he had to come back and redo some things, and go back again. We are told the papers will be ready for us on Tuesday.

In the afternoon he got an email from our Man Friday (Señor Viernes) in Santa Rosalia telling us the shipment of stuff, the 63 boxes, had arrived. Much of the stuff had be taken out of the boxes and was loose, about a third of the boxes had been "disassembled." We were sent a photo by Señor Viernes that somewhat represents the loose stuff. Smart me, I had a list of what was in what box and could go through the list he sent of still intact boxes and figure out what had been taken out of its box, and I assumed, was gone forever. It was pretty staggering. But it turns out the custom broker is the one that had to take EVERYTHING out of its box, and itemize each item with a special code for customs before it could be cleared. Nothing is any longer in its original box, so I will have no clue where to look for things once I get to Casa Boleo. It will be a while before I know if anything is missing. It will be really annoying not to know exactly what box to go to get this or that thing. Life is getting pretty interesting.

Today Esperando and I made the bold move. We went and bought the double axle 6x12 trailer to haul our things down to Santa Rosalia. Normally I would have been opposed to this, but since we are convoying with another couple also pulling a trailer we won't be able to go very fast anyway. The other couple has no air conditioning in their car since they are Canadians and wouldn't need it Canada. I hope they don't die of heat driving down to Baja. Today the weather was 90F and 47% humidity in Baja. They are bringing a small dog with them. I hope the small dog doesn't die too. After purchasing and driving away the trailer, we went and picked up the new sofa set and two queen mattresses.

After the mishap with the other shipment, Esperando talked to the customs broker who will be muscling our stuff through customs (same guy as before.) This should save us alot of grief. He advised all our used household goods go in the trailer as we are allowed a one time deal to bring in used household stuff. This is the stuff that gets inspected at the border and makes it or doesn't. We have a new TV, a new wine refrigerator, and new sofa set we are hoping will pass for used since we took them out of the original wrappings and scuffed them a bit. If they don't make it, I don't know what happens to them or us. The customs broker will be kind enough to shuttle our case of whiskey back and forth two bottles at a time so we meet our quota there.

The stuff we plan to carry in the truck is new and we are allowed, $500 per person or pay duty (20%) on the excess, but if it is over by too much (we are not sure what that number is) then the duty apparently is outrageous. The truck will have our clothes, lots of pet food, cat litter, the Cuisinart, Esperando's new saw, electrical wiring stuff and ceiling fans for Casa Abeja. We are also hauling food (can you believe two giant jars of kim chee—Korean marinated cabbage—for our Korean visitors that must be refrigerated); pinto beans, coffee, and tea.

We spent the few hours after lunch wrapping the TV, refrigerator and parts of the sofa set with plastic to protect it. The TV is especially well wrapped, I hope they don't unwrap it in customs!! I just tried to take a nap but I am way too wired to sleep, so I write this with a tired but wired brain.

Still have to finish packing all the lots of little things and my clothes, although I made a start on the clothes yesterday. The storm clouds are gathering!

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I have to say this in its entire-ity is highly entertaining.