July 10, 2008


Today I go to the dentist and see the results of all the impressions they took of my mouth to show me how screwed up my bite is. They took molds top and bottom, two wax bite impressions and lots of photos. It will be interesting to see what it all adds up to. I've already agreed to get the $900 nightguard not covered by insurance. I saw an interesting photo on the web of someone who had gnashed their teeth down to the gums. Ick!! I've also switched pillows to a feather pillow which allows me to keep my hands away from my jawline while I'm sleeping.

All my birds have flown the coop! Esperando is back in Mexico, Mother has gone to San Francisco, my sister has gone off to play with her husband's lawschool friends from times past, and I am inside enjoying the peace and quiet for a bit. It is hot outside. The dog and I took the small walk this morning, he still enjoyed it alot, especially the dog treats he gets periodically while we practice sit-stays. Lots of nice wildflowers blooming and buzzing with bumblebees and honey bees. I am also collecting some of my best rose petals for a small sack of good wishes to be tossed on the bride and groom at my nephew's wedding in September.

Esperando and I are now starting to make the list of stuff we personally will take to Mexico, which includes a little flowover of things for the guesthouse that I had overlooked (such as hairdryers). Still alot of stuff to finish before we go: take my car in for servicing; get the electrician to come out and fix the outdoor outlets none of which seem to work; take truck to get camper top installed; get animals' health certificates; get mammagram; get dental appliance; get hotel reservation for the as yet undetermined hotel we will spend the night in near Ensenada--yadayadayada. Phew!!

The worst part is the overwhelming desire to buy yet more clothes, like this is my last opportunity before I get cut off from catalogs, malls and easy mail delivery. But the best was going with my sister to the Neiman Marcus presale to look for a mother of the groom dress for her, and finding this wonderful pink and lime green paisley shirt for me by Robert Graham.

Well this didn't get this published last night, so I am adding a bit more this morning. The dog and I saw a muskrat swimming in the creek this morning, rather I saw it swimming, the dog just put his nose in the air and smelled it without ever seeing it. It was only 6 feet away from us standing on the bridge. Then I when we got home I found a dead baby cottontail in the front yard. So sad!! Who says we lead a dull life?


Ryan! said...

wow, all that jaw business does not sound fun!

Ryan! said...

Happy Birthday, Missywah!!!