July 20, 2008

Just call my name, I'll be there

Yesterday I decided to buy a new cell phone. I had my Nokia for 4 years and the battery was starting to lose its charge pretty quickly. When we took it into the AT&T shop they said they hadn't seen one of those that still worked in a long time. They also told me my new phone would be faster, better, smarter. It almost made ME feel like a dinosaur.

Since I couldn't spring for a I-phone I ended up buying an LG Shine. It is just about as cute and has lots of great features such as voice recognition, so I can just tell the phone to call a number instead of dialing it. The AT&T guys downloaded all the info from my previous phone so I didn't have to re-enter my old contact numbers, or even my greeting! It also has a camera and will give you weather for other places. I hate to say this, but I feel like I have made a giant leap into the 21st century.

Somehow I always become extremely annoyed at these AT&T cell stores. Maybe they are the same at any wireless store. First of all you have to wait around for someone to help you, then once you close the deal it seems to take forever before you can walk out the store with your purchase. We always go to AT&T because they have good international service. When Esperando bought me the Nokia, it was because we had moved to a new home and didn't have a landline yet. So he went out and got me a phone, but because he was the one purchasing it, the account was set up in his name. At the time we had no idea what that really meant. What it meant was if I wanted to change anything with the account, he had to call to do it as I had no authority to make a change. When he was out of town his calling them wasn't very convenient, and didn't even happen if he was out of the country. We thought we finally got that straightened out, but then it was to no avail when I would try to do something (like have international roaming added). I really got mad at the girl helping me back then.

In any event when we went in this time, I said I wanted the account in my name. They said ok, but did I REALLY want to do that? So much trouble: a new credit check, reestablishing a payment method, extra money to set up the account, etc., etc.) I could be added on as a permanent authorized member of the account since Esperando was with me to verify who I was. The girl assured us that all my problems would be resolved and I would never have issues with them again. Just call her and she'll be there (the staff changes constantly).

This morning when I came downstairs I used my cell phone to call the slumbering Esperando (on the house phone, right by his bed). After all who else could I call at 5:30 am? He wanted to know why the house phone was identifying the caller as HIM? Curses foiled again! The phone company has outwitted me. It may be MY new phone but to anyone getting my call, the caller is identified with Esperando's name. I am so annoyed by those wireless people that I have developed phone rage!!

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