July 23, 2008

Pistol packing mama

Yesterday, with false information about Esperando's FM3 card status and the time frame for bringing in personal goods (6 months after card issue, which turns out NOW not to be true) we convinced ourselves that we HAD to send all our personal things and household goods for Casa Abeja during this little hiatus while Esperando is grounded. First we were going to have movers to do all this, that evolved into they move it we pack it—now we are buying a trailer in the next few days to haul it ourselves. I wonder what I did in some previous life spend this life packing boxes?Our trailer will be hauling our 12 boxes from Australia (those that were yawing in the basement); a few more local boxes; the stuff bought yesterday at Costco—TV, DVD, toaster, coffee pot, cuisinart, etc.; and couches, mattresses and a coffee table purchased yesterday at Sofa Mart.; bbq grill;vacuum; some framed prints and books; the list grows and grows!! No wonder I was so wiped out last night, even for a power shopper I was overwhelmed.

The thing that really makes my hair stand on end is that we don't actually own the house yet, that happens in late August if all of the cards (Mexican bureacracy) fall into place right. And then beyond that we still have to remodel the house before we can move in (give that another 6 months minimum). The advantage of the trailer is that we will now have a portable storage unit where we can store everything until we can move in. I see it now—the next two weeks will evolve into a frenzy of packing and snarling at each other—and lists! You should see how long the lists are! Before we were planning on hauling all this down there so soon, I had actually thought I had a lot of time on my hands. Shows I shouldn't go thinking these random pleasant thoughts. I still have to figure out what clothes to take and get those suitcases packed too. My brain just goes fuzzy when I try to figure that one out. If anyone of you try to call and I am snappy blame it on the pistol packing mama syndrome and forgive me.

Today I get my nightguard from the dentist. I am told I will be there 1 to 1-1/2 hours while he fits it to my mouth. Apparently multiple fittings are involved and for the first week I just wear it after dinner, then progress to wearing it at night once the fittings are more finalized. I must say that its not any wonder I am grinding my teeth.

Tomorrow night our housesitter is coming over for dinner. If I was better organized I would have everything she needs to worry about written down, but I don't feel like doing that yet.

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dottie said...

So glad to hear that you all made it okay! I'm going to enjoy keeping up with your escapades through your blog.